Survey, legal, consulting services.

        We wish to introduce our company business activity for Your kind attention, and more detailed, in order to find possible ways of further mutual-profitable co-operation between our companies.

        Multi-Purpose Enterprise ENMAS Co. Ltd. is Ukrainian registered private company, established in 1990 and created to protect and serve interests of domestic and foreign Shipowners, disponent time/bareboat-charter Shipowners, Charterers, their Clubs and Underwriters when their vessels call the Ukrainian ports.

        Implementation of the orders of the Owners, disponent Owners and Charterers as marine surveyors is effected by MPE ENMAS Co. Ltd. without involvement of any kind of contradictory interests.

        The Attachment to this is the Certificate of Quality System Conformity issued by Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, endorsing MPE ENMAS Co. Ltd. to be in maritime community and, as well, confirming our competence and skilled job. MPE ENMAS Co. Ltd. are the members of Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. We are responsible for establishing of the Quality Policy, and ensuring resources are available for its implementation.

As marine surveyors MPE ENMAS Co. Ltd. may provide the following marine services:
- draft surveys
- on and off hire surveys, including bunker and hull condition
- holds and tanks cleanliness surveys
- ship condition surveys for P&I Clubs
- cargo condition surveys
- cargo superintendence
- stability calculations, bulk sampling
- lashing and security surveys
- ultra sonic hatch testing
- cargo tallying
- bunker survey
- investigation of damages
- underwater hull inspection
- steel and other cargoes pre-loading survey
- overseeing damage repair operations
- overseeing of shipment of unusual heavy lifts
- overseeing of loading/discharging operations
- hull and machinery survey
- different kind of navigation expertise.

        MPE ENMAS Co. Ltd. have the head office at the major sea port of Odessa, but can also provide a full range of service at the ports throughout Ukraine, including Ilychevsk, Yuzhny, Mariupol, Berdyansk, Sevastopol, Nikolaev and Kherson.

        As marine surveyors MPE ENMAS Co. Ltd. often fulfill orders of the Owners, disponent Owners and P&I Clubs such as UK P&I Club, GARD, WEST of ENGLAND, The JAPAN CLUB, The SHIPOWNERS CLUB, The SWEDISH CLUB and The AMERICAN CLUB, as well as INGOSSTRAKH.

Fees for the expertise job are modest and do not make the Clients unhappy for the same.

        It is Company's policy to make business on high level of professionalism, objectivity, high standards and always being independent.

        MPE ENMAS Co. Ltd. as marine surveyors spend a great deal of time on prevention measures, eliminating problems before they arise. This is particularly the case when foreign vessels are loading at the Ukrainian ports and especially when the cargo concerned is steel. Steel is a major export cargo from Ukraine, but like anywhere else in the world, loading of steel can be a serious headache for the Shipowners.

        As well as providing reliable and inexpensive survey to ensure that accurate records are made and true condition of the cargoes as they are loaded, MPE ENMAS Co. Ltd. can also put at the client's disposal their unrivalled network of contacts with maritime and administrative community throughout Ukraine. In this way MPE ENMAS Co. Ltd. can ensure good relations with the port authorities and stevedoring companies, to ensure regular handling of Shipowners' interests while their vessels are in Ukrainian ports, and to ensure that Mate's receipts and Bills of lading properly reflect the condition of the cargoes having been loaded.

        MPE ENMAS Co. Ltd. have extensive marine experience, beyond the limit of cargo matters, as we are engaged in a full range of P&I claims, including pollution, collision dock and cargo damage, personal injury, etc.

        MPE ENMAS Co. Ltd. Managing Director is Mr. Igor Lyuboshets and Director Mr. Valeriy Korol. Each has more than 20 years involvement in marine business.

MPE ENMAS Co. Ltd. can be contacted through the main office in Odessa:
Telephone/Fax: (380-482) 34-26-52